Humanist,as reveres take the guest, continues to improve, unity innovation.

According to the quality the first/reasonable price/obeying to the contract/ honest service" spirit, we believe we can make things better.

Room 405,No.:172 Huasui Road, Zhujiang Xingcheng, Tianhe,Guangzhou,china.


Brief Introduction:

COMPRO ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO., LTD locates in Jiaxing city, Zhejiang province beside Hangzhou wan Bridge. The company specializes in electric appliance elements, such as heating elements, MGO, sandwich stoves, irons, water heaters, electric ovens and the like.

The company extremely focuses on rationalization management, and sets up scientific development view to diligently promote Four Modernizations, namely standardized management, date management, rationalization management and human nature management.

We put quality first, technical innovation, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, basing on China, facing the world as development goal. Faithfully welcome domestic and foreign customers to instruct.

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